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Are egg and soldiers healthy?

 I love a good egg!


body be well soft boiled eggs

When my clients ask me about breakfast ideas I always remind them of my childhood memory! 

The humble soldier egg!

To make the perfect egg you need fresh eggs. 

One small pot filled with water, making sure the water covers the eggs allowing for them to move about.



Simmer the water first.

Then add the eggs in gently with a slithered spoon and allow to gently cook for at least 4 minutes or 5 if you want very solid whites.

Serve with bread of choice.

Are they healthy? YES

only 75 calories each. Plus if you add bread add 65 calories.

considering some cereals are 187 calories ( a bowl of weet bix) you could say a good option is at hands 

If you are making the soldiers (bread or dipping item) then look at your wholemeal or grain options. 

I am a butter fan. Spread a small amount on your toast if you wish or leave them as they are.


A five minute meal demolished in a flash!