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About Us


We are a family run business based in Malvern East and are so glad you dropped by.

Ross and I are partners in business and in life.

We have 3 children, run our health and fitness business as well as run a household. 

We get it. We understand busy.

This is why we started Body Be Well. We wanted to share with you how to fit it in, make food and fitness a part of your life journey.

My journey began 23 years ago. I was very active in my teens but when I entered the workforce my priorities shifted. I worked 12 hour days and played hard on the weekends. From 16 to 23 I was out of control.

Then one day my body shut down.

Astoundingly 9 doctors later, then one finally suggested I go see a gastroenterologist.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. This is a condition in which the bowels become inflamed causing bleeding perforations and can lead to cancer or, in severe cases, bowel removal.

I had to change and quickly.

After a few months of pharmaceutical treatments I began to investigate complementary health. I found a health practitioner and a new gastroenterologist. We worked together to make changes.

I changed my diet. I started exercising again. I ate whole foods. I started cooking again. I investigated the alternatives.

It took 3 years until my colitis which was misdiagnosed and is now classed as proctitis to now be in remission. I have been so for at least 28 years with only a flare up once a year and it’s usually around springtime or if I am really really run down.

It was a great lesson for me. I had to take charge and change.


Ross and I have a love of fitness and food but most of all our family. We are no good to anyone when we are unwell so we always make sure our health is a priority

So, when we say we can help you, we can. We live it. We understand it. We get it. When we started our family, our time management and fitness food philosophy was challenged.

When I had our first son I was then diagnosed with fructose malabsorption and this again opened my eyes to sugars and the types found in most foods. I started reading and this lead to the current food-coaching program I now run.

We had to adapt to time restraints and sleep deprivation plus embrace new life!

Clean eating was prevalent and we focused on eating nutritious food to assist in the days with little sleep and maintain normality by means of getting to work.

But there were times when Tim Tams saved the day, especially at 3pm. By child number 3 I really had to think about how to lose the baby weight as it was taking longer to come off even with all of my knowledge.

That was when I discovered my refined sugar free life. After reading both Sweet Poison and I Quit Sugar, it really solidified the life style we had chosen to quit sugar and really understand food freedom.

We focused on a low sugar lifestyle with plenty of seasonally vegetables lean meats  plus seafood and nuts and seeds. I eat bread! All in moderation and with the right tools and knowledge, you can find food freedom too.

With over 20 years experience, both Ross and I can show you how you can stay fit and lose weight, whether it be 10 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day or 60 minutes. We tailor programs to suit you, your lifestyle and your situation, as we are all different.

We help you reach your food and fitness goals through functional fitness, smart training and, above all else, a great support team.

Diana and Ros.