| diana tencic

Top 3 reasons why you should have a fitness trainer.

We know we need to move and struggle to stay consistent, why is that?

Is this a common theme for you?

body be well - group training 

Did you know that a staggering 92 percent of people that set New Years eve goals never actually achieve them? That's according to research by the University of Scranton.

 body be well- group training

Yep, when it comes to movement we just seem to let it fall down the cracks. Life becomes a tidal wave of busy and we forget the most important person, us!

Need some convincing?

 Here are my top tips for using a fitness mentor.

1. EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE: Do you find that when  you search the internet you find a million articles on the fitness! Where do you start?  By finding a fitness mentor that has experience and knowledge. You are accessing someone who has trained in fitness and understands movement patterns and the sequences you should perform them in. This will lead to a safe exercise environment and build your confidence. The foundations to a successful fitness journey is having the right mentor with the knowledge by our side. 

2. ACCOUNTABILITY : A fitness mentor can be the driving force for you to stay motivated. A good fitness mentor sets clear and simple goals that are S.M.A.R.T are actively listening to your needs and wants and keep you accountable. Nothing feels better than ticking of that list right?!!

 3. PRIORITISE YOU: A fitness mentor will keep it all about you. The most precious person in the room. From a fitness assessment, fitness program to some old fashioned motivation, know that a qualified fitness trainer will do just that. Research shows that one-on-one personal training has also been found to be an effective way to increase the amount of physical activity of an individual by changing attitudes towards exercise. So if your goals are short term goal or a forever goal trust in the process of hiring a fitness trainer.




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