| Diana Tencic- body be well

Who else wants dinners under $5?!!!!

You can eat well and eat within a budget. 

Using delicious ingredients and stay on health!

I have three ways we successfully do this in our home.

 Want to know the secret?


1) Bulk cook - I will cook a roast beef dinner, usually on  Sunday for the family (we are a family of 5)and we make sure every bit of meat is accounted for. Roast beef sandwiches for school lunches the next day or tacos using the same beef. I usually buy about 1.5 kg leg of lamb or beef about 1kg. Click here for our lamb roast recipe.

body be well - dinner time

2) Soups - Yes I cook soups for both a sauce and as a soup-freeze well and can be used as a sauce. For instance if I make a pea and ham soup I sometimes toss it through gluten free pasta as a sauce. Click here for our famous ham and pea soup.

3) Sauces - When it comes to sauces and repurposing you cannot go past the humble pasta sauce. I cook my red lentil sauce. Think bolognas without the meat. I cook this and freeze and then whip it out to use it as a pie filler in puff pastry, a pasta sauce or eat it with a baked potato. click here for our lentil bolognase.

vegan bolognas