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Gluten free zucchini and halloumi fritters

Zucchini halloumi fritters


1 large zucchini grated

2 tablespoons of gluten free self raising flour

3 small eggs or 2 large

125gms of halloumi grated

1 tablespoon of flaxseed ( optional you could use chia seeds also)


In a bowl grate your zucchini and add you flaxseed this is to help bind the fritters

Whisk your eggs in a seperate bowl set aside

Grate halloumi and add to the bowl with the zucchini.

Add 2 tablespoons of gluten free four to the bowl.

Combine well.

Then add your eggs.


On medium heat pop your fry pan on and sprinkle olive oil and with a tablespoon amount gently place mixture in your pan.

Turn once brown and then pop a lid on top to make sure it cooks through about 2 minutes.


Makes about 12

 find the video below over on my instagram reels.