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Hawaiian pizza recipe now becomes a loaf!

What if I told you that I have turned the humble hawaiian pizza into a loaf?

This pizza topping was my favourite as a child. I am gluten sensitive and have created a recipe that is gluten free and tasty. 

Make sure that the mixture is not too wet. you want it to be more on the thick side.

The joy that is the Hawaiian pizza loaf is that you have the delightful crunch that is the crust and then your taste buds hit that pizza topping mix in the middle! Just delicious!.

hawaian pizza loafWhat you will need:

2 cups of gluten free flour

2 eggs

1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup tasty cheese

1/2 cup of italian pasatta

1 tablespoon of oregano

2 rashers of bacon cubed or ham 

1/2 cup of pineapple pieces. 

pinch of gluten free bi carb soda





In a large mixing bowl add your flour and cheese and bicarb soda.

Then add your egg.

gently fold in your pasatta, ham or bacon, pineapple 

Season with oregano and salt.

Slowly combine.


In a small loaf tin ( lined with baking paper) gently press the mixture in I use the back of a tablespoon.

Pop in a warm over for 35 minutes on 170.c

body be well Diana Tencic