| diana tencic

How to stay well while on holidays.

Do you think about exercise while you are on holidays?

Did you know that exercise does not need to be defined by location?

Yep! Just because you are not in a gym environment does not mean you are not able to exercise!

I was fortunate enough to spend 8 glorious days with my family in sunny Queensland. We stay well away from the popular spots opting for good old locations such as Coolangatta and Kirra beach. We love nothing more than the sun, and watching all the surfers do there thing. Even Mick Fanning has a store at Coolangatta beach!  

We feel right at home when it comes to Queensland. What is there not to love. Most people are active here. Usually up by 6am and moving about, starting there day by exercising outdoors. With such a glorious climate, (we had 26.c days on average} you cannot help but become swept up by the glorious outdoors. The question I am asked often is this:

How do I stay fit while away?

I plan.

Here is a taste of a typical holiday with our family:

body be well holiday exercise

1) hotel gyms- When I book my accomodation I make sure that there is a mini gym at the facility. Sometimes they are quite limited or the equipment may not be working so I generally do a dumbbell, resistance band workout or body weight program.

body be well queensland holiday accomodation

2) outdoors- If there is no gym available I make sure I move. I aim for a 30 minute walk either before the kids wake up or just before dinner time.

body be well bike riding at Kirra beach queensland

3) bike hire- If your holiday budget allows for it, why not hire a bike? We hired two adult bikes for 6 days. We negotiated a $15 a day price and factored this into our holiday.

body be well queensland holiday accomodation

4) Kitchen- I also make sure I have a kitchen when I book my stay. We do one big shop when we arrive, deciding on which meals we will cook at home. This is usually breakfast and lunch. We usually find the local surf club and have dinner there. You cannot go wrong with a $15 steak night!


 We had such a blast. With a little planning you can fit exercise in. Remember walking is incidental exercise. We averaged about 12,000 steps a day. This would involve walking to most locations, riding our bikes or scooters. We did not get into a car the whole stay, only a taxi to get us to our destination safely. 

Here is another travel tip,

You can take scooters on the plane!

We combined bags so the kids shared one bag and we dedicated an entire bag for the scooters plus helmets. We fit 3 scooters and helmets into a Nike sports bag. total weight was about 8kgs.

 How do keep fit while away? Hit me in the comments below!

Happy traveling!