• How to make teriyaki salmon using a meal kit;ALDI

    Sometime time gets the better of me. I have 5 children and planning while I have the greatest of intentions to set can fall by the waste side. That's where meal kits come in. While shopping at aldi I found a great kit. The Salmon teriyaki kit which cost $14.99. This kit will feed 2 adults. The te... View Post
  • How to make healthy dog treats (with only 2 ingredients!)

    Have I introduced you to Leo yet? He is our pure bred red kelpie. When you own your own business you can create your own rules like bring your dog to work! I thought I would share a little recipe for making healthy dog treats, that involves 2 ingredients. Every time I make these his pupils dilat... View Post
  • Are Kale chips healthy?

    Ahhh the debate about kale! Personally I do love kale, however the lovely kale needs to be treaded with a lot of love.  Kale is a member of the brassicaceae family along with cabbage and brussel sprouts. It is suggested that you clean kale well as it can hold pesticides. Kale is high in potassium... View Post