• Gluten free Lemon and Almond cake

    Whenever I post a cake on my instagram account the audience go a little happy dance crazy for it. This one especially. Perhaps its the love we all have for lemons? Or the fact that it is cake!  What ever the occasion this cake is a joy to eat and make. Please me mindful as it has quite an amou... View Post
  • DIY Chicken Pie

    ingredients 6 chicken tenderloins cut into cubes 3 brussel sprouts sliced 1 cup of peas 6 mushrooms thinly sliced 1 potato cut into cubes 1/2 carrot grated 60 gms of spinach leaves 2 sheets of puff pastry medium size pie or baking dish 1/4 of an onion chopped finely 2 teaspoons of cornflour co... View Post
  • Hawaiian pizza recipe now becomes a loaf!

    What if I told you that I have turned the humble hawaiian pizza into a loaf? This pizza topping was my favourite as a child. I am gluten sensitive and have created a recipe that is gluten free and tasty.  Make sure that the mixture is not too wet. you want it to be more on the thick side. The joy... View Post

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