• What should I do with potatoes?

    When the cold weather hits nothing brings me joy than the humble potato. A client of mine suggested this recipe so the credit goes to Helen for this one! This is such a simple dish. All you need are potatoes and a small jar of peppers in olive oil or sunflower oil. Method: if you have a cast iro... View Post
  • gluten free twix bars

    No introduction needed here she is....   Gluten free twix bar What you will need  Filling 8 dates 1/4 cup sultanas soak the dates and sultanas making sure you remove the seed from the dates for about 45 minutes keep the water as we may need to add this to the blender to create the correct consist... View Post
  • Sarma - Cabbage rolls

    This recipe brings back so many childhood memories. You will need to source some pickled cabbage leaves from a good deli. Soak them in water prior to use for about 15 minutes and cut the middle tough stalk part out. Then it is a matter of rolling the mince mixture nice and tight and baking them i... View Post

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