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  • Left Overs Soup- Vegan

        Do you struggle to find ways with left overs?   Let's take a look and dive into that fridge and cupboard and see what we can find!   I am not much of a meal planner. I love to cook with what I have got in my kitchen. Call me crazy but I do love a spontaneous cook.  I do this constantly with s... View Post
  • Sweet Potato and Coconut Slice

      It has been a while since I have hit the kitchen to prepare a sweet treat. I have been so focused on my savoury side that heaven forbid I have neglected my sweet tooth! Fear not, as this little beauty is hitting all my sweet spots!    Now, very important question I have for you lot......   Anyo... View Post
  • Rocky Road using Gelatin

    I love rocky road but it can give me the biggest sugar rush! So I put my thinking cap on and thought about a way to make this delightful dish with as little artificial sugars as possible. It still uses sugar don't get me wrong, I use rice malt syrup. I find that my sugar spike is not so fast when... View Post