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  • Left Overs Soup- Vegan

        Do you struggle to find ways with left overs?   Let's take a look and dive into that fridge and cupboard and see what we can find!   I am not much of a meal planner. I love to cook with what I have got in my kitchen. Call me crazy but I do love a spontaneous cook.  I do this constantly with s... View Post
  • How to stay well while on holidays.

    Do you think about exercise while you are on holidays? Did you know that exercise does not need to be defined by location? Yep! Just because you are not in a gym environment does not mean you are not able to exercise! I was fortunate enough to spend 8 glorious days with my family in sunny Queensl... View Post
  • How to Choose the right exercise for you

    Have you ever attempted to run but find that after five minutes you’re done? Or, have you ever wondered why you can’t do a chin-up to save yourself but can pump out chest presses like there’s no tomorrow? We’re all different. From our frame size, heart size, distribution of muscle fibre (slo... View Post

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