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  • Is home made pea and ham soup fattening?

    Have you ever wondered if the soup you are eating is making you put on weight? The joys of cooking soup like pea and ham soup for me, brings me joy. So to be asked the question, is home made ham and pea soup fattening Diana made me think.  Have I ever thought about it as a fattening soup? Well, l... View Post
  • Who else wants dinners under $5?!!!!

    You can eat well and eat within a budget.  Using delicious ingredients and stay on health! I have three ways we successfully do this in our home.   Want to know the secret?   1) Bulk cook - I will cook a roast beef dinner, usually on  Sunday for the family (we are a family of 5)and we make sure e... View Post
  • Top 3 reasons why you should have a fitness trainer.

    Why is it we know we need to move and struggle to stay consistent? Is this a common theme for you?   Did you know that a staggering 92 percent of people that set New Years eve goals never actually achieve them? That's according to research by the University of Scranton.   Yep, when it comes to mo... View Post