• Online coaching one on one

Online coaching one on one

Are you ready to create change? 

Struggling to find a trainer that is supportive of your needs and wants regarding your fitness goals as well as lifestyle challenges?

Look no further than one on one coaching with Diana Tencic.


Hello my name is Diana..most of the time I like to think of myself as a holistic fitness coach that is obsessed with helping you build the body you want and love.

I struggled to find body love.

Everything looked great on the outside.

You see, I struggled with fitness.

I drank.

I smoked.

I worked till late at night in a job that paid the bills but that was it.

I needed to make a change and fast.

I joined a gym and found a way to make myself feel strong and powerful.

But it wasn't always like that.

I worked from 4:30am to sometimes 8pm at night.

I was still unhappy.

I feel tired.

I felt unhappy.

I felt like a failure.

There was a point that I needed to shake away the fear and the stress of making a change and build a body that I truly deserved.

So I became qualified in fitness and then a level 2 wellness coach.

I learned from the best to share with you the ways in which you can move your body  to fulfil your  capabilities and beyond.

One step at a time.

Do you feel like you are meant for more than just work and sleep?

Then join me for a free consultation and let's create change, just like I did.

What you will get:

consultation = Free ( valued at $150 )

Program prescription = $110 

40 minute duration

*free access to our private Facebook group

* consultations via zoom or whats app



  • $110.00