Contact-free door handle opener


Get greater peace of mind while you’re out and about with the  Contact-Free Door Opener Keychain  that provides you with a hygienic, hands-free approach to opening doors to help limit your contact with germs.

Hygienic, hands-free handling

Simple in design yet highly practical, this contact-free keychain works to help minimise exposure to germs by limiting your contact with dirty surfaces as it lets you open doors, press buttons and use your smartphone all without using your hands.

Perfect for the workplace

An affordable and effective solution to making your office or workplace a safer space, this convenient door opener gives you a germ-free option when entering or exiting any room.

Easy to carry

Small in size and easy to carry, simply clip this keychain to your belt loop or keys, or pack away in your bag or pocket, to keep it conveniently on hand for when you need to open a door or press a button.

Door handle works on levers, pulls and sliding doors.

Touchscreens Like store checkouts and digital signatures.

Buttons Great for elevator buttons and credit card machines.

Easy to clean the Clean.

Light weight made from plastic


  • Surface Finishing: None
  • Model Number: F
  • Type: Door Handles
  • Material: Plastic
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 8*3.1cm


  • $5.00