It is finally here. Body be well fitness club.






I have been thinking all year about how I can serve you all better.

I popped some questions up in the 15 minute fitness club and one answer was this..

The one topic that comes up regularly is support.

Not knowing what to do when you head into the gym,

What type of training works for you,

Doing the right movement for our body,

I truly believe that change can and will happen we just need to do it together.


I am near the completion  of my membership group.

No bells and whistle just straight talking information.

Over 19 years of information.

This memberships will benefit those of us who:

 Have stared and stopped so many programs and then the truth is we just can't seem to stay on track.

 You may also feel like no matter what you try nothing is working.

You are new to exercise or it has been a while since you have moved.


The answer I believe it this..




So many of us do it alone and then, well, fall off the wagon. This happens to me all the time.

It is not until I find support by way of a fellow exerciser that I truly see results.

We all know how important staying fit really means.

We know that quick fixes do not solve our long term goals right?

The medical appointments will roll in...

The stress of said appointments roll in...

Do you find yourself in a constant cycle of 

"Let's do this' then by week 2 we are over and out.

Imagine if there was a way to take care of you.



It is not a cure by any means but it will take you to the next level...



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I cannot wait to meet you all.