Food Coaching

Body Be Well was conceived and built on a platform of nutritious, healthy eating, as the foundation to building and maintaining a strong body.

  • honest advice
  • accurate information
  • education
  • dos and don’ts – refined sugars, salt, fats, proteins, carbohydrates
  • everyday, easy to follow recipes

Accredited food coach and Director Diana Tencic specialises in refined sugar-free cooking and clean eating, focusing on how to fuel your body with simple ingredients that can be readily bought from a supermarket or your health food store.

Choose from one of the following programs

and commence your healthy eating journey.

Body Be Well Food Coaching

Food Coaching

The food you eat – your everyday diet – is a combination of lifestyle factors, routines, history, things learnt and habits picked up along your way.

With an open, honest approach, the right guidance and support, and of course your determination, anything is achievable.

Diana will devise an individual food guide for each client, based on their food history and tailored to their particular lifestyle.

You will receive a detailed review of your food intake and the simple steps to create lasting change.

A program of one-on-one consultations and follow up check-ins will keep you motivated and on track to attain and maintain your goals.

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Body Be Well Food Coaching - Workshops


Diana has run this highly successful and very popular workshop program for a number of years.
  • refined sugar free
  • preservative free
  • fresh ingredients
  • nutrient rich
  • deliciously tasty
  • clean eating

These workshops are a fun, relaxed and exciting way to learn about food, and to hone in on what’s good for us. Conducted in the comfort of a kitchen setting, join a small group of like-minded people and enjoy a fun, socially interactive program of classes, food demonstrations, samplings… and a little guidance.

3 week program – 45 minutes per session.

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Body Be Well Food Coaching, Kitchen Cleanse

Kitchen Cleansing

Discover the essentials of preparing and stocking your perfect eating kitchen.

Our personalised kitchen cleanse will guide you on the essentials of preparing and stocking yourself and your kitchen for lasting food change… and the exciting times that lie ahead with your healthy eating lifestyle.

Diana will guide you through the must haves and must dos of a clean and healthy eating environment.

Duration 45 minutes

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Body Be Well Food Coaching, Supermarket Tours

Supermarket Tours

  • learn to read your ingredients
  • decrypt, interpret and decipher labels
  • discover the tricks used to hide sugars
  • know what you’re buying

If you’ve ever been stumped by the labels on your favourite weekly purchases or have given up wondering what that additive might actually be, these personalised or group tours of your local supermarket will answer all your questions, and perhaps even a few you hadn’t thought to ask.

Duration 40 minutes

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Body Be Well Food Coaching, Private Cooking Demonstration

Private Cooking Demonstrations

Learn all the techniques and skills you require to achieve your best body by eating right. In these one-on-one cooking classes, conducted in your home kitchen, Diana will guide you through a wonderful personal cooking and learning experience.

Duration 60 minutes

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