Fitness Coaching

professional, fun, active, energetic, invigorating
motivational, strengthening, energising…

Body Be Healthy

Effective training is all about a balance. At Body Be Well we ensure that each session is motivating, personalised, engaging and totally fun.

  • Training that is personal.
  • Training that is focused.
  • Training that is all about you.

We cater to all fitness levels, helping our clients achieve symmetry, agility and strength by utilising an array of functional movement patterns and interval training routines.

Choose one of the following fitness options.
Body Be Well Fitness Coaching, 1 on 1

1 on 1

weight loss,
improved strength,
stamina, endurance,
flexibility, agility

Whatever your goals, this specialised personal training service will ensure an ongoing program perfectly calibrated, specifically for you.

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Body Be Well Fitness Coaching, Group Fitness

Group Fitness

small groups with capped numbers,
a broad variety of constantly changing and revolving routines,
always evolving programs and sessions based on growing fitness levels

Engaging, motivating, time efficient and fun.

We offer a wide range of group training styles to meet your personal needs.

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Body Be Well Fitness Coaching, Group Strength Training

Group Strength Training

Focusing on muscle endurance and strength, this program uses a combination of free and fixed weights routines to achieve maximum efficiency in attaining your goals and reaching your desired results.

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Mobile Personal Training

When your day is scheduled to the minute and leaving home to head to the gym is a challange, why not utilize our mobile personal training service. With equipment such as Trx, a unique training system based on techniques developed for US Navy Seals, widely used across the most elite training programs in the US armed forces and adopted by a variety of sporting codes, sandbags, bands. weights, medicine balls, rip trainer plus many more. Training at home is convenient and time friendly. Each session is set to challange you and no two sessions are the same. We offer group mobile training also.


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Body Be Well Fitness Coaching, Stretching


Our 6 week stretching workshops are designed to enhance your exercise performance and to help free up tight, sore tired bodies from our daily routines.

The benefits will amaze you.  This program runs 4 times a year and is 60 minutes duration. Stretching in the heated mind and body room, will help clear the body, the mind and most of all those tight and stressed areas.

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Body Be Well Fitness Coaching, Group Cardio

Group Cardio

bikes, stair masters, treadmills, plyometric floor routines

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to improve your cardio fitness and build on your weight loss, in a fun group environment.

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