oat seed loaf

Oat and Zucchini loaf

I have wonderful clients, I really do. Most of my cooking ideas come from them. They constantly ask me about breakfast alternatives. Breakfast is the time of day when we are literally waking up from essentially fasting overnight. We wake up and  then boom our bodies are...

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Pho easy 15 minute noodle soup-body be well

Pho Easy – 15 Minute Noodle Soup

I love Pho. Now, let's start with a little Pho lesson.  "The general theory held by most Vietnamese culinary experts is that the word "pho" is a corruption of the French "feu" or "fire." Pho could be a Vietnamese adaptation of the French soup "pot au...

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body be well chcoclate cake

Vegan Mini Chocolate Cake

Vegan Mini Chocolate Cake.   The easiest cake you will make is here! All  you need is a small pie dish like the one below, a few staple ingredients from your pantry and you are ready to go! Thank you for all your instagram tags and likes. If...

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overnight oats body be well

Gingerbread Overnight Oats

  I love the taste of gingerbread but unfortunately traditional gingerbread treats are full of brown sugar and golden syrup. What if I told you that I have found a guilt free way of enjoying gingerbread without the sugars? For me, its all about the flavours. Here...

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pasta bake-body be well

Healthy Gluten Free Pasta Bake

I was a little excited when this recipe popped into my head. I wanted to find a way to feed my kids an alternative to sandwiches in their lunch boxes. I used gluten free ingredients using sorghum pasta. I used Ceres Organic pasta in this...

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gluten free healthy hawaiian loaf- body be well

Gluten Free Healthy Hawaiian Pizza Loaf

My kids love pizza.   So, what if I told  you the humble pizza can also become a healthy loaf? Yep. A gluten free healthy hawaiian pizza loaf thank you very much!  I am a little obsessed with loaves currently. I am so time poor that anything I can...

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