beetroot vegan cream cheese body be well

Vegan Beetroot Cream Cheese

Oh yes, this creamy, lush Vegan Beetroot Cream Cheese is going to be my new favourite!This delicious creation involves two steps.First you need to soak two cups of plain cashews in a bowl of water for 24 hours.You will then need to roast a small...

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gluten free chocolate ganache cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Cake

It looks like a giant chocolate crackle from the side! The best part is that I used a plate to make the base. Well, a camping plate! Seriously!I had a little fun in the kitchen with left over rice puffs. This gluten free chocolate ganache cake...

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pea and spinach salad-body be well

Pea and Spinach Salad

Pea and Spinach Salad is probably the fastest salad I have ever made.The quickest salad you will make in your kitchen, promise!My go to dressing is so simple and delicious. I use avocado, yoghurt and lemon juice plus salt and pepper to taste. Now this...

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wild orange clusters-body be well

Wild Orange and Coconut Clusters

I am embracing the autumn weather and spending more time in the kitchen. I tend to buckle down and prepare chicken stock and plenty of soup. I also like to bake. I made a biscuit that only requires  four ingredients. What's great is that you should have these...

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