guilt free banana cake body be well

Guilt Free Chocolate banana cake

I have to be honest and say that this banana cake was made out of necessity! You see my kids love banana cake and ask me to make it weekly. I love nothing more than recipes that take a flash to make. You all know me...

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raw tiramisu body be well

Vegan Tiramisu Slice

I love tiramisu. I remember as a young girl, my mum would make it for us using custard rather than mascarpone cheese. I think she was ahead of her time, making a tiramisu a little healthier! This slice came about after a craving for my mums...

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tofu and kale nachos body be well

Vegan Tofu and Kale Nachos

I love Kale. I love tofu. So hey, let's bring them together to make something special! I do this a lot. Open my fridge and see what's inside for recipe inspo. You too? I am enjoying kale at the moment and love cooking it right down to...

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diana body be well

Why Hydration is super important

     With summer on our doorstep, here’s how to avoid dehydration when you’re exercising!     With the warmer weather upon us, we need to talk about hydration – or more importantly thermoregulation!   Our bodies need to regulate its internal temperature in response to environmental changes and exercise.   But how does...

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cherry cake body be well

Christmas Cherry Cake

When you have an abundance of cherries what's a girl to do? 1. Make a sauce 2. Make a cherry vanilla cake 3. Combine both to make a Christmas cherry cake! So, if you have left over cherries, about 2 cups worth, then this is the recipe for you. This...

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