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Five Steps To Help You Find Your Fitness Groove

It can happen to the best of us… losing your fitness mojo, the pep in your fitness step…
We’re all pretty aware of the benefits of exercise these days. But sometimes, life just gets the better of us and we lose motivation.

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Sound familiar?

Here are my tips to help you get your groove back and stay motivated to keep moving (even if you really hate it!).
1.Find your fitness tribe.
Research shows that if you train in group, you’ll feel better by way of socialisation. When we meet like minded people and create friendships. So we often find that training time can actually make us feel happy!
2.Track your progress.
Humans love being able to see progress. it reminds us that we are moving forward and getting better. When commencing a new fitness plan think about a few ways to track your progress based on what you want to achieve.  
This can be anything from waist and hip measurements, taking a progression photo, or the simple act of writing the exercises performed and noting your increase in repetitions or sets, energy or even mood.
3.Change your activity.
Have you thought about changing your fitness training? Our bodies are clever machines and if we don’t challenge them with new things, we may notice a plateau.
If you do the exact same thing over and over and over, your body becomes more efficient at that activity. And your mind gets boooored. So mix it up!
4.Find inspiration online.
We’re so fortunate to live in an age where motivation is at our fingertips. Find and follow
Some health-focussed, like-minded fitness folk who motivate you with positive quotes or realistic fitness programs.
5.Motivation comes from within.
At the end of a day, motivation creates a habit, which creates routine, which keeps us going, keeps us alive! Remember the reason you started your fitness journey, and remind yourself of that whenever you feel like crawling under the duvet and staying there.

jumping body be well
Only you can reignite your mojo so whether it be a song you download, a new motivational quote or mantra, dig deep, get it on and get on it!

stay well


Diana x 

*this was written for the I quit Sugar Blog in April 2017*

  • Nothing quite beats tracking my fitness or doing a challenge. I recently did the Steptember challenge where I aimed for 10000 steps a day. There were some days and nights where I wouldn’t have bothered going out into the cold and wet if it weren’t for that challenge!

    October 13, 2017 at 3:44 pm

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